The Innocent Phallus

Sunday 22 Jan 2017
10.00 – 11.30am

The Innocent Phallus

In this workshop we will hold space for the innocent and wildly erotic Phallus.

We will dive into the many forms of the Phallus, travel to its history, and uncover shame, guilt, abuse, use, taboos, lust, ego structures. We will work with the etheric and physical Phallus and all genders are welcome to participate in this journey.

As the workshop title says, ‘The Innocent Phallus’– I invite you all to come and surrender to what will unfold in the sacred container we will create together – honouring the Phallus, the divine male energy and restoring and opening up the connection between our hearts and the Phallus.

I want to facilitate this workshop, to offer something for all, a sacred space, inviting all genders, to fully honour the Phallus. I feel deeply called to present this and have been advised by a few of my teachers, to hold a space for this, as I have deep natural compassion for ‘man’ and all the shaming and performance anxiety that has been put onto him, amongst other things, like circumcision. With this workshop I will open up a space in which everyone can be safe, allowing to open up and see what unfolds, in gentleness and safely. For participants in a female body, I envision them to feel closer connection to their own inner masculine and to the men they connect with.

Interactive and Experiential parts

I will open up and share what this workshop is about, invite interaction, then meditation, somatic movement, and exercises and also touch.

The workshop is freestyle delivery and is 90% interactive.

Experienced and newbies, men, women, all genders and people who eant to explore the erotic innocence of the phallus are invited to participate.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Become aware of guilt and shame
  • Learn emotional release tools
  • Feel freer and more joyful
  • Become aware of the phallic nature, the erotic innocence and embodiment of it
  • Heal trauma, like circumcision, ridicule and shaming
  • Feel more full embodiment of the healthy sacred masculine
  • Have deeper connection to self as a sexual being


Indicator Bars and Inclusivity




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