The Art of Zen Spanking

Sunday 22 Jan 2017
11:45 am-1.15pm
Cavanbah Room - Stream 2

The Art of Zen Spanking

A conscious exploration of the potential and experiential depth and wonder of spanking.

The focus in this workshop is to flip the normal Top/Bottom roles. Usually the person receiving the spank is submitting to the person facilitating the spank. However in this workshop the person doing the spanking is in service to the person receiving the spanking, who is actually completely in charge. The goal is to create an awakening of energy in the base of the receiver and allow it to be ridden and flow through the body.

Consent and communication, as well as red zones (No go spanking areas) are covered in depth at the start of the process, and used to create a beautiful experience for both participants. The roles are swapped after some time.

Interactive and Experiential parts

Covering consent, communication and safety aspects of the experience. We will explore breath work and how to tap into life energy with breathing techniques. Explore ways of touching and spanking one another and exchange in active bottom/ top roles for periods.

The workshop includes information on aftercare, swapping roles and a group discussion with question time.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Safe environment to explore impact play as a pathway of awakening
  • Gain skills in communication, surrender, giving and receiving
  • Fun
  • Playfulness
  • Joy!

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity

Please self select according to your level of interest and willingness to be challenged.




Challenge Level

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