Shamanic Breathwork

Friday 20 Jan 2017
11.15am – 1pm
Cavanbah Room - Stream 2

Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful and safe healing modality for letting go of whatever is no longer working in your life and gives you access to your true authentic self and your inner wisdom .. ..beyond and beneath the ego..

Shamanic Breathwork it is also a great way to access your deeper creative and ‘successful’ self. It may manifest and benefit you in business, life and in your relationships by allowing you to harness a greater connection to your intuition and to ground self belief and self confidence.


This session will include a short introductory talk to Aquarian Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork followed by an experiential  session including Kundalini shaking and a Shamanic Breathwork Journey. This will be a safely held space with a guide with deep experience in this breathwork modality.


Shamanic Breathwork engages Chakra-aligned music, intention and the breath to create a safe space for you to let go of your conscious mind. It allows you to travel deep into your own psyche, witness and heal deep inner wounds, release past trauma, let go of that which no longer serves you and gain inspiration, vision, clarity and guidance as to your true path. You may be simply curious about the process or you may want to expand your awareness and consciousness. Shamanic breathwork can also aid transformation for those of us feeling held back in life by anxiety, feeling stuck, depression, addiction or overwhelm.

It will can for many provide an opportunity to make lasting shifts in the energetic patterns that we can become trapped within throughout our lives.. from our childhood, working life and relationships.

Shamanic Breathwork is a safe practice in which to enter a natural altered state of consciousness.


You do not need to know anything…. just come along with a open mind. I have shared this shamanic breathwork journey with hundreds of participants in many countries around the globe and the energy of this journey continues to deepen and expand.


Some sharing from participants

“I invited Elaine to hold a Shamanic Breathwork session during a recent weekend exploring conscious sexuality and authentic living. Elaine held the space powerfully and with love, and the large group of participants were able to travel deep and far. This was in large part due to Elaine’s skill, confidence and compassion in holding the space for them, and her expert guidance both with the breath and with the whole experience. I would not hesitate to invite her to do similar work again in the future.”

London Faerie.


I had a most beautiful journey working with Elaine doing Shamanic Breathwork. Her smooth guidance eased me deep into inner worlds, allowing me to touch places I rarely get to go. The rich positive effects are still with me, months later. There is a deep mutual trust she evokes in/with people. She is a powerful, experienced facilitator and I recommend her strongly without reservation.

Randy R./ Ireland


An excellent well led workshop. I had a wonderful breathwork journey. I arrived home feeling peaceful, positive and well nourished in a soulful spiritual sense. The space holders were intuitively right there when needed and you could feel them in the space at all times and their awareness. I would thoroughly recommend this.



Wow! What a session. Unexpected and exciting. Breathwork is like nothing else. You have to experience it to fully appreciate it and every time is different. Thank you for holding a safe space for this deep work.

Anna F


It was a great experience. Elaine has an amazing energy and warmth that you’ll feel as soon as you meet her and be put at ease. I’m very new to this type of experience and I felt very safe and welcome to a really nice group of people whom I’d never met before and shared the day with. I definitely felt I started on some sort of journey…I’ll be back for more it’s a powerful process.



One of the best spent Sundays in my life quite frankly. I have finally managed to re visit in a very safe place, pain and negative believes that held me back for so long and that only created circle of more pain. I have found my long lost inner voice again and reconnected with what is important in my life. Elaine and all the participants created an incredibly powerful and magical space that allowed me to grow, learn and observe. Shamanic Breathwork is a really powerful and safe healing tool, however it is also a great way to access your deeper creative and successful self. It may manifest and benefit you in business , life and relationships by allowing you to harness a greater connection to your intuition and to ground self belief and self confidence. EM

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