What is a sexual peak experience and how can I have one?

What is a sexual peak experience and how can I have one?

People of all ages have again and again stumbled sometimes by surprise, sometimes by years of dedicated secret practices on the so called sexual peak experiences.

Whole school of mysteries have been founded around these transcendental deeply moving and enlightening experiences. For tantric practitioners it can be their life path to discover the sacred and the divine in eros and sexuality as a form of awakening and a spiritual experience.

In this panel you will hear 6 speakers with in depth experience in this field share, explain and transmit the sacredness of sex. You can ask questions and understand what is different today from thousands of years ago and how our current understanding of ourselves, life and the world can either be a hindrance or a doorway to these life changing sexual peak experiences. Find out what you need to do to expand or create the grounds to have them as well.


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