Sex, God & Cellulite

Saturday 21 Jan 2017
10.00 – 11.15am
Cavanbah Room - Stream 2

Sex, God & Cellulite

Want to experience deep Tantric union with your inner lover?
Want to feel alive and powerful in your own skin?
Want to radiate confidence and magnetism?

This practical workshop is about your body. Increase your self-love, confidence, power and pleasure.

Your body is the sacred vehicle of your inner (and outer) unions. Your body has adventure, experience and romance. Whether you are enjoying new edges of Tantric breath, archetype play or kundalini, your body is central to all of it.

And yet 91% of women dislike their bodies, 45% of men dislike theirs.

Shame and fear come into play, being too big, too small, cellulite, wobbles or lumps. Healing your body fears is the key to your spiritual, romantic, mental and emotional growth.

In this workshop we use a variety of practices to heal shame, fear and anxiety about your body. Deeply embody and connect with your inner lover, enjoy new realms of pleasure in your body.

Join this workshop to let go of what’s stopping you from really living and step into your empowered, loving and confident self.

It’s time!

Interactive and Experiential parts

This highly experiential workshop includes simple solo and paired practices. We use visual, moving and sense-based meditation along with breath, sound and energy work. There will be plenty of debriefing for full and deep integration. You are encouraged to go at your own pace.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Let go of fear and shame about your body
  • Grow your self-love and acceptance
  • Strengthen your inner masculine (Non-judgemental) and inner feminine (Expression)
  • Fall in love with yourself; Experience yourself as your own lover (Inner union)
  • Discover new realms of pleasure in your body
  • Deepen your spiritual, emotional, romantic depths by integrating this essential part of the journey
  • Feel alive and powerful in your own skin
  • Radiate confidence and magnetism

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity

Please self select according to your level of interest and willingness to be challenged.




Challenge Level

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