Sacred Lover – The Art of Loving Touch and Relating

Friday 20 Jan 2017
Auditorium - Stream 1

Sacred Lover – The Art of Loving Touch and Relating

This workshop will be led by Matt Schwenteck and Robyn Dalzen. Matt and Robyn are lovers and they will share the foundational agreements in their relationship and how it has opened them up to deeper connection while maintaining sovereignty. They will invite participants to experiment in a safe space with agreements, communication, consensual touch and playfulness in relating as a couple and with others. Participants will learn how to connect back to themselves — the primary beloved — first and foremost.

From this place, it is possible to identify our deepest desires and longing. Participants will then practice communicating these desires, making requests and getting clear about ‘who it’s for’ in any exchange. Participants will learn new dimensions of giving and receiving — by being served and taking action for your own pleasure.

Part of this learning is to let go of fears around rejection and not taking it personally. Participants will be empowered to create clear agreements for engagement — both as a foundation for relating and in moment to moment exchanges.

The teachings of this workshop will be based on the Wheel of Consent by Dr Betty Martin. The workshop will be a ‘taste’ of deeper work that will be offered by Matt and Robyn in their Sacred Lover workshop 4th and 5th February 2017.

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