The Sacred Art of Stripping (For Women)

Saturday 21 Jan 2017
Cavanbah Room - Stream 2

The Sacred Art of Stripping (For Women)

Feel the interior pleasure vault of your sexual persona.

A movement-based workshop with the intention of erotic play, where nudity is not necessary. Erotica performed with a spontaneous creative edge. No sequins, no garters, no legs behind ears. Simply a knowing, owning, sharing and revealing of one’s own pleasure, beauty and mystery.

The relationship between voyeur and dancer is redefined. A new alchemy of gaze arrives. Eyes that command the space and direct the voyeur’s eyes. The gaze of power, the voice of power, feel your walk of seduction and prowess.

The pleasure is owned, the permission to look, a gift.

Begin with your own self- seduction. The body becomes our ally and sensuality our beauty.

Sexual self-confidence is learned through movement and a renewed trust in the body. Sensuality offers effortless movement. No routines. Imagination unfolds your personalised repertoire for stripping. Revealing or not revealing is the arena of erotic play.

Giving permission to be seen is the key to the Art of Stripping. Nudity is never required but you will learn how to do include that in your own private space.

Costuming is an art and essential to uncover how your sexual persona wants to dress. Or perhaps wanting more choices to reveal herself.

Items to Bring

  • Favourite clothing
  • Costumes
  • Fabric to play with

Important …… the Sensual Strip performance on Saturday is with selected students from Sacred  Art of Stripping both Men and Women, who want to participate.

Annetta Luce during her 10 years in New York City as a professional modern dancer, moonlighted as an erotic dancer/ stripper.

This workshop is primarily aimed at the female gender or identifying as female. Transgender also welcome.

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