Ritual Play

Sunday 22 Jan 2017
2.30 – 4.30pm
Cavanbah Room - Stream 2

Ritual Play

Ritual Play, which was created by Marina Kronkvist, as an invitation for an interactive, non-verbal, two-way touch/play dynamic to unfold between adults of all ages, genders and sexual orientation.

The Ritual Play structure offers a clear, repeatable format and enables participants, within a defined space and time, to drop any goal or agenda and follow impulses as they arise. Ritual Play is intimate in its invitation for non-verbal honesty. It creates a space in which the full range of emotions and expressions are welcome and encouraged – ranging from tender, soft, distant, spicy, confronting, nurturing, erotic, silly, devotional and beyond.

Participants have the opportunity to see others play, and to be seen while playing. Sensual or sexual energy might be part of what appears in the dynamic, but there is no intention to achieve any particular state, feeling or expression. Participants are invited to practice trust in a perfect unfolding and the responsibility of each is to stay true to their own impulses and responses, moment by moment, and keep relating. Ritual Play may include varied degrees of clothing, depending on the participants’ choice.

Interactive and Experiential parts

The entire workshop will be interactive and experiential. Participants will be guided through the rules of Ritual Play and will then be invited to pair up for structured playtime that involves a two-way touch dynamic. Each participant will be invited to follow his/her impulses moment to moment in the interaction. The container will be based on clearly defined time (Starting with 5 minutes and building to 15 minutes with a change of partners each time) and space (Two yoga mats will create the play area for each pair).

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Trust their non-verbal, bodily self and follow impulses
  • Develop skills to be present, aware, conscious and embodied
  • Cultivate an ability to experience highly charged states without a goal
  • Use breath, sound and movement as tools for expressing and moving energy
  • Become more fulfilled and personally empowered
  • Awaken parts of themselves that have remained repressed or “asleep”
  • Relax and empty the mind and relieve tension in the body
  • Experience ecstatic bliss and fun

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity

Please self select according to your level of interest and willingness to be challenged.




Challenge Level

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