The Jade Egg – “A Tiny Tool For Transformation – A Woman’s Best Friend.”

Saturday 21 Jan 2017
10.00 – 11.15am
Verandah Room - Stream 3

The Jade Egg – “A Tiny Tool For Transformation – A Woman’s Best Friend.”

There is a lot of hype and misleading information out there on the Jade Egg. As Australia’s leading expert in this practice Justina offers a workshop showing why this tiny tool is so transformative for women.

This is the essential workshop for women’s pelvic and sexual health and vitality!

We’ll cover up to date leading edge information on why the Jade Egg, is called a woman’s best friend. Who can benefit by its use and what the Jade Eggs major benefits are. Current statistics on women’s health and sexuality in relation to how the Jade Egg can assist and in what areas for example prolapse, incontinence and healing post baby.

We will look at orgasm and becoming omni-orgasmic, how this practice can support us.

Sexual sovereignty is covered and why this is so important for everyone. Sexual anatomy and reflexology will be discussed.  Justina explains why this is such a powerful and transformational tool for women’s health, vitality and well-being.

This workshop teaches practical tools, tips and exercises that can be used in our daily lives to balance our hormones and rev up our juiciness for lifelong libidos.

Interactive and Experiential parts

  • Movement and dance
  • Experiential exercises such as breath, sound and energetic practices
  • Kidney, adrenal, ovarian and breast practices
  • Dyad work
  • Meditation, relaxation and visualisation

Three quarters of this workshop is experiential

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Justina provides well informed, well educated, embodied and up to date information on this ancient practice and the current benefits for contemporary women.
  • You receive tools to take home and play with for increased pelvic and sexual health and vitality
  • New ways of coming home to the body temple and dropping into deeper levels of self love
  • Cultivation of greater connection between your heart and sexuality
  • Activation of womb, guidance and discovering maps and tools to our sensual selves, pelvic health and sexual nature

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