Conscious Hugging Meditation

Saturday 21 Jan 2017
Verandah Room - Stream 3

Conscious Hugging Meditation

What are the capacities of exploring connection trough a hug?
What hinders us from trusting one another and truly charging ourselves up, feeling our life force and love via this truly human initiation of gentle physical love?

A hug is a non-verbal communication that says so much. Many people, families and cultures hug.

But what about exploring how much awareness, witnessing and relaxation we can bring into a hug to feel, communicate and experience so much more, even heal one another.

When two fields of energy and people come together a greater experience and field is created. Lots of holding, presence and healing and interaction is possible, observation of who we are in contact with others.

Oxytocin the love hormone gets released in contact, bringing love, peace, fulfilment and meaning to our lives, rebuilding confidence, self esteem and making us feel safe part of a group or community of love again.

Held for a longer period making sure participants are comfortable and safe increases coherence with the other and the feeling of ‘sameness’ or oneness.

In this workshop we will explore various ways of deepening our connection with body and soul, opening our hearts and ways of allowing sexual energy to flow more freely in the body.

Interactive and Experiential parts

This workshop is highly experiential, no previous experience is necessary.

Clothes on and practicing consent and slowing down.

This workshop is singles and couples exercises to discover how to awaken their bodies, with themselves and others.

Participants will learn how to hug, how to experience touch and hugging in a totally different way and how to express themselves through conscious direct communication. There may be dancing and shaking in the beginning.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Getting to know people
  • Ownership
  • Opening up to yourself and others
  • Clear and conscious communication
  • Owning desires and witnessing those, keeping a hug clean!
  • Expanding beliefs about what it means to feel connected with others, how to create connection in every moment.

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity

Please self select according to your level of interest and willingness to be challenged.




Challenge Level

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