The Heart of Infinite Relating

Sunday 22 Jan 2017
11.45am – 1.15pm

The Heart of Infinite Relating

Incorporating the use of vibrational therapy (Crystal sound bowls, bio sonic tuning forks and harmonic toning) as well as dynamic breath work, guided meditation, group movement and systemic constellation work. The ‘Core Self – One Heart’ Presentation will immerse the participant into a deeply RAW internal world. Guided and supported by a team of experienced practitioners, the attendees will find themselves exploring a place within themselves beyond boundaries, borders and self-imposed belief systems.

This presentation is designed to allow for the exploration of self beyond gender binaries and sexual orientation, to find the ‘essence of relating’ – unbound and free of expectation or preconceived ideas of relationship; the attendees will find themselves opening to a freer sense of self that can be embodied and applied in a dynamic group environment and step closer to finding their own unique space of union of polarity within, whilst also being presented with tools and practices to help express from this space to the outside world.

It is a RAW, unexplored, vulnerable expedition into the psyche of love, the sensations of connection and the embodiment of infinite relating.

All age, gender and sexual orientation are invited to take part in a deeply investigative exploration of love, sex, communication, energetic resonance and intimacy.

Interactive and Experiential parts

The opening of the presentation will be a guided meditation/sound journey into the ‘Core Self’, stripping away the layers of identity and opening to the ‘natural state of being’ for the body. Guided through the sensations of the body and their relationship to our conscious/unconscious mind, the simplicity of being enhanced by the meditation will act as a catalyst to promote a universally shared ‘essence’ from which all attendees will be encouraged to interact from. The interaction will be partly in silence and partly aided by binural beats and crystal harmonics.

Blindfolds will be used to explore the simplicity of touch and the ‘subtle energetic communication’ that occurs between two or more beings that are connected to their Core, the ‘One heart’ and open to their own Infinite place of Relating.

Systemic Constellation, Gestalt therapy and movement will be used to unravel a collective question or ‘What if’ that is established and explored throughout the duration of the session and all attendees are encouraged to participate.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • This session allows the participant to explore new territories or relationship
  • Work with internal and external paradox of gender binaries and sexual polarity
  • Those who join in this journey are offered the opportunity to merge the opposites and uncover infinity in relationship
  • Based on new theories of physics such as ‘The unified field theory’ and ‘The physics of consciousness’ geometric and visual aid will open the scientific and creative minds alike
  • Discover new ways of perceiving our relationship to self and our relationship to other

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