The Evolved Masculine: Redefining Sex, Power & Success

Saturday 21 Jan 2017
2.30 – 4.30pm
Auditorium - Stream 1

The Evolved Masculine: Redefining Sex, Power & Success

In this 2 hour presentation, Destin will present his vision of the Evolved Masculine as well as provide experiential tools designed to guide men into the fullest expression of their masculine essence. Destin will define the old modes of masculinity surrounding sex, power, and success, and share his vision for the transformation of these masculine values traditionally expressed through insecurity, competition, and exploitation into an evolved perspective based on heart-centered spirituality, sexual embodiment, and a commitment to service.

Destin will then guide participants in a visualisation to help them see, hear, feel and experience NOW his own unique expression of the Evolved Masculine. Once it is fully embodied participants deepen their relationship to that archetype through a series of exercises designed to anchor it into their being. Finally, the men will be guided through a series of exercises with one another and with the women present to further root this new way of being deep into their nervous system to ensure lasting transformation. The men in this workshop will develop relationships that will last throughout the weekend and beyond. Women are encouraged to attend, to deepen their own understanding of men and the masculine, as well as act as powerful mirrors to the men in attendance as they step deeper onto the Evolved Masculine Path.

Interactive and Experiential parts

Destin will offer a guided visualisation, cultivated over many years of experience, which enables the men (and women) to dream BIG.

There will be an invitation for participants to imagine themselves in their fullest potential, empowered and embodying the Evolved Masculine.

Meeting the future version of themselves in the energetic field, creating the anchor with the physical body, and continuing to deepen the connection to that image, allows participants to realise that energy in the material world and to start living that vision.

It is a powerful guided visualisation that will forever change His Life.

There will be a transmission/download and a lengthy in depth powerful guided visualisation. Followed by interactive exercises between the participants with one another, designed to sink the new learnings deep into their neurology while creating a game for them to continue to explore with one another throughout the remainder of the weekend (and beyond).

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • This experience will provide the participants a new model for the evolved masculine
  • Help clear old unhealthy and limiting beliefs about the masculine
  • Give participants deep clarity of what they are truly capable of and whom they are capable of becoming
  • Participants will experience a great sense of connection to that vision
  • Gain confidence and courage to live into the fullest potential
  • Men will leave the room inspired, ready to take action in stepping into being a role model of the Evolved Masculine that the world so desperately craves

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