Dancing Eros – Exploring the Erotic Feminine

Sunday 22 Jan 2017
Auditorium - Stream 1

Dancing Eros – Exploring the Erotic Feminine

A ritual performance that allows you to experience the different expressions of the erotic feminine from the dark, to the light. Followed by a talk on how to bring these energies into your life, your bedroom and your relationships. This is open to men and women and anyone curious to learn more about how to be and be with a full power woman who is both soft and vulnerable and intense and wild and everything in between. There will be opportunity for you to engage and participate in this presentation as completely or little as you like but expect to leave opened and changed.

Interactive and Experiential parts

This workshop is open to men and women, it is less interactive but very engaging. Women and men will come on stage to access the energies and relate to one another.

The workshop will begin with a performance through the archetypes then a talk about them and then a question and answer and interactive experience where women and men come up on stage and do exercises.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Experience and understanding of different aspects of female sexuality
  • How to embody the aspects of female sexuality, recognise them, call them out and relate with them in life, sex and relationships
  • Powerful experience
  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Transforming!

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity

Please self select according to your level of interest and willingness to be challenged.




Challenge Level

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