Awakening the God and Goddess within us through Conscious Relating

Friday 20 Jan 2017
11.15am – 1pm
Verandah Room - Stream 3

Awakening the God and Goddess within us through Conscious Relating

With Xavier and Issia.

Live like Gods and Goddesses on Earth Paradise

Remember, reawaken & embody the keys to accessing the God/Goddess energy within us.

Join us on a magical, dynamic journey into self to consciously reconnect to the super powers of the divine masculine & feminine forces within.

As we open ourselves to the magic and allow spirit to move through us, we begin to radiate the love that we are and share our unique gifts with everyone around us.

Thousands of years of unconscious immature use of power have caused trauma and protections that stop us from accessing our natural blissful orgasmic nature.

We will discuss the shadow aspects that block us from our own divinity and how through alchemy we can transform our perceptions of weakness into our strengths. Explore the erotic truth & power within vulnerability and why it’s such a turn on to feel safely held & witnessed within a field of unconditional love.

Using the healthy, mature principles of the sacred masculine & feminine we will provide daily practices combining conscious presence with sound, breathe and movement to call forgotten pieces back to their empowered liberation, alchemizing them into fresh, sexy, divine powers.

Interactive and Experiential parts

This workshop is highly experiential and empowering.

We will journey into ourselves with personal and transpersonal exercises, partner exercises, and group exercises. 

Clothing optional, Personal and Mutual respect, Presence   

Questions and Answers

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Reconnecting with our true Divine Nature
  • Heart opening
  • Increased presence and connection with self and partner
  • Trust building
  • Alchemy of our Shadows
  • Buikding Emotional Maturity
  • Cultivating and directing life force energy

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity

Please self select according to your level of interest and willingness to be challenged.




Challenge Level

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