Authentic Connection

Saturday 21 Jan 2017
11.30am – 1pm

Authentic Connection

As children, we needed 2 things; Authenticity and Connection.

To be able authentically express and feel our feelings and to be met in our fear, grief, anger, surprise, disgust, shame or joy. To feel the accepting compassion that arises from that presence from our Mother and Father. This experience creates a secure emotional attachment. This secure attachment enables the way we connect with others, and increases our capacity to hold ourselves to meet all challenges in life, as we venture forth in fulfilling our human potential.

Our deepest dialogue that underpins our conversations with our parents, partners and close friends is, ‘Are you here for me, are you deeply present with me and accept me exactly as I am’.

Instead, many of us did not, and still do not experience this depth of presence. Out of the fear of not belonging, we modify and manipulate our authentic expression to be socially accepted. We conform by repressing and suppressing our authentic expression and create masks to be loved, to feel connected and a sense of belonging.

Of course, we needed to learn socially acceptable behaviours to meet healthy family and community needs. However, just like our parents, we too were processed through a schooling system that is essentially based on an 18th century model to assimilate children into a workforce. Coupled with conforming to the demands of a fear based and inhumane system underpinned by a debt based usury currency, that values productivity for profit over sustainability.

As a result of these events, we experience the traumatic pain of separation. In reaction to this pain, we develop a myriad of habitual, addictive, patterned psychological patterns. These behaviours are underpinned by our deepest, evolutionary need for authentic connection and belonging.

A lot of workshops are underpinned by psychology approaches that pathologise participants via a negative bias that focuses on fixing what is wrong. While this approach is valuable in increasing awareness, this workshop offers a progression to build on our inherent qualities to flourish in relating to self, others and life.

Interactive and Experiential parts

90% of the workshop is experiential underpinned by Object Relations Theory, Attachment Theory, Ego Psychology, Body Based Psychotherapy, Self-Awareness and Self Inquiry, Positive Psychology, Presence, Non-dualism, Neuroscience and Modern Behavioural Sciences.Transpersonal Emotional Release Group Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Inner Child Therapy, Family/Structural/Systemic Constellations, Body Based Psychology, Emotional Intelligence Training, Meditation, Direct Experience Training, Inquiry and aspects of Gestalt.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • Identify and further develop your inherent qualities that support you
  • Develop an acute awareness to unravel habitual, negative psychological patterns
  • Reclaim your authentic expression to create more meaningful intimate connections with others

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