Astral Journey to the Depth of your Heart

Friday 20 Jan 2017
Verandah Room - Stream 3

Astral Journey to the Depth of your Heart

Participants will ride the journey of trance state in somatic meditation, KORA, traditional Sufi meditation technique blended with tantric guidance.

Then they will be drawn into Astral Travel Journey to dive deep into one’s heart and experience intimacy with one’s self.

Often times the experience allows them to FEEL the deepest part of their heart that they are not even consciously aware of, and sometimes the love they experience is beyond personal love, such as experiencing union with the Source.

When engaged and dove in deep it can be a life-changing experience that one will never forget!

Interactive and Experiential parts

The workshop is largely experiential. Participants will plant their feet firmly on the ground and be moving their upper bodies in a spiral movement while loud carefully curated shamanic music overwhelms their senses.

After a somewhat lengthy period of time, they will be laid down with support by helpers, onto their backs to let go of connection to this physical realm.

Guided energetically and again with music creating a flow to take them in deeper, participants will experience an out of body, astral travel experience, during which any blockages in their energetic channel melt away, cleansing and healing the whole being.

Sometimes the inner guidance is so clear that people come back with clarity as to what they truly want in their life, or what the next step looks like on their path.

Core Benefits for Participants of this Session

  • The experience can bring cleansing, calming and healing effect, resulting in deepened love for ALL
  • The aura and whole being are softened, more aligned a higher vibration
  • Feel the deep sense of connection to their own inner light and guidance
  • Experience support in creating energies that invite more love into their life
  • Release of any energetic blockages in the channel
  • Understand the connection of the body and spirit experientially
  • Healing hidden wounds in the heart
  • Healing past memories and traumas in a non-confronting, receptive way
  • Be in touch with one’s passion and deepest desire
  • Permission to feel and accept ALL that exists in their heart
  • Gain clear guidance from within
  • Deeper sense of love towards oneself and others

Indicator Bars and Inclusivity

Please self select according to your level of interest and willingness to be challenged.




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